Air Astana Airlines Phone Number

The Phone Number of Air Astana Airlines is +1-484-291-3513

Air Astana Airlines Phone Number

We can think about flying now because it is available, but 12 decades or a century back it was nothing but a dream for a middle-class person to be able to travel by means of air. However, the airline services offered by elite firms such as Air Astana have made our live significantly easier. In the current scheme of events, no less than 15-20 planes are seen taking off or landing on every airport. Such has been the impact of technological advancements in our lives.

Air Astana Airlines Phone number is 24×7 available for providing the best experience and clearing any flight related doubt which may arise. Taking up the customer care as its priority Air Astana Customer Care has employed a number of well-versed professionals to achieve this specific goal. The phone number on which you can get help all day long is + 7 727 244 44 77

Air Astana Airlines Flight Ticket Reservations Number:

Although most of the tickets are booked online by various third-party applications who plan your trip on your behalf, Air Astana also uses the call facility to book its tickets. But you can also do the same by visiting their online website as well. In case of any problems which may arise, the customers can also use the helpline number to get the assistance of the experts. They will help you throughout the procedure of bookings, and if any issue persists, they can even do it for you over the call.

Making the dreams of people of sitting in an aeroplane come true, with such assistance and help is the best an airline can offer. But it is not the only parameter on which the services of the airline can be judged. The cost of the tickets which they offer depending on the distance is yet another thing which can determine the customer base building capacity.

Some have a very high rate, which they charge because of the type of services they provide. But generally an equilibrium price, which most of the public can afford should be ascertained, and that should be finalised. A number of airlines provide some exceptionally premium class services which costs a fortune, which people are willing to pay for as it is completely worth it.

Also, the primary services and its quality is identified when you travel domestically and internationally both. While travelling domestically, you can opt for any options which suit your preferences. But in case of taking up international travel, you should look for the best alternative. It is due to the fundamental reason that when you travel for longer duration and distance too, you want an option which can make your journey worthwhile.

A number of aspects need to be kept in mind while choosing an airline for taking an international flight. You don’t want that you lose an opportunity of having a wonderful experience. Therefore, you must be aware of the benefits which supreme airlines service providers offer by calling on Air Astana Airlines Phone number.

Air Astana Airlines Baggage Fee, Policy & Allowance:

Air Astana baggage allowancementions some policies and instructions which needs to be followed when travelling with them. They restrict the cabin luggage dimensions to 56 × 45 × 25 cm and should not exceed the weight of 8 kg (economy class). Those travelling in business class are allowed to have 2 baggage. Certain necessities and general items can also be taken with it because they are of importance to some people under the respective situations.

This includes infants’ basket, food, medical supplies, walking stick, handbag, etc. The excess baggage of 32 kg or above will be carried only on special arrangements, and an extra amount will be charged for every single kg of extra weight. So it will be better if you carry less amount of belongings and even if you do, sort it in an organised manner so that you don’t have to face the consequences of arranging your things in different bags at the airport.

Air Astana gives the facility of managing your own bookings. You can hence see the flight details, the status of the flight, seat, fares, charges, taxes, etc. The options available to you under the official website are huge. You can make Air Astana change flight for even the booked ones. You need to contact the office or call centre to get in touch with the concerned personnel, and they will do the needful for you without any extra charges or very negligible ones. The other facility which can be availed in my bookings is that you can order special meals for yourself through this. 

Air Astana Flight Cancellations Fee & Policy:

Sometimes it is likely that the plans get changed and you need to postpone or prepone your flights. The airline is very cooperative under such circumstances, as the option of refunds on cancellations is also available. This option is also under the “my bookings” section, where you can get a refund on the unused ticket.

The first thing you can do is try to contact the agent who booked your ticket in the first place. If you don’t succeed in doing that then you can also follow the protocol for the same purpose. Make a call to the service centre or send a mail to the concerned mail address, that is, Someone from the concerned authority will get back to you and solve your problem. In case the flights get cancelled due to any unforeseen events, a full refund or tickets for the next flight to the same destination is provided.

Air Astana Airlines Reviews:

The reviews given online on various sites by people who have already travelled by Air Astana are genuine and worth relying upon. As they share experiences directly from the trip and provide unbiased judgements and help you to take the ultimate decision. The best thing is you can go through these reviews which are displayed to the general public and then choose among the number of options available to you. The behaviour of staff and cabin crew towards the passengers is very nice as mentioned by a number of users. The ultimate choice of choosing the best airline is yours, so you should consider everything. And if you not sure about the quality of services provided by Air Astana, then all you need to do is go through Air Astana Airlines reviews to obtain a clear picture.

List of Air Astana Airlines Contact Numbers

Customer Service Center Number7(717)258 44 77
Air Astana Nomad Club Customer Service7 727 244 5530
Air Astana Aktobe Contact Number7 (727) 244 44 77
Air Astana Amsterdam Helpline Number31 20 316 1945
Air Astana Antalya Customer Service90 242 3303386
Air Astana Atyrau Customer Care7 (727) 244 44 77
Air Astana Baku Toll-Free Number994 (12) 404 75 15
Air Astana Bangkok 1800 Number662 367 5301
Air Astana Beijing Customer Support Number86 10 646 51030
Air Astana Bishkek City Number996 (312) 660 550
Air Astana Bratislava Phone Number421 252 622 375
Air Astana Brisbane Contact Number617 3334 2077
Air Astana Phnom Penh Helpline Number(855) 23-884 488
Air Astana Delhi Customer Service91 11 41521425
Air Astana Doha Customer Care974 4432233
Air Astana Dubai Toll-Free Number971 (0)4 7036 572
Air Astana Dushanbe 1800 Number7 (727) 244 44 77
Air Astana Frankfurt Customer Support Number49 (0) 69 770 673 022
Air Astana Hannover Number49 511 9772223
Air Astana Hanoi Phone Number84 4 39449170
Air Astana Ho Chi Minh City Contact Number(84-8) 3547 42 18
Air Astana Hong Kong Helpline Number852 2830 4860
Air Astana Istanbul Customer Service90 212 343 49 60
Air Astana Jakarta Customer Care6221 2907 9797
Air Astana Karaganda Toll-Free Number7 (727) 244 44 77
Air Astana kazan 1800 Number7 (727) 244 44 77.
Air Astana Kiev Customer Support Number380 44 365 00 55
Air Astana Kostanay Number7 (727) 244 44 77
Air Astana Kuala Lumpur Phone Number603 2144 1571
Air Astana Kyzylorda Contact Number7 (727) 244 44 77
Air Astana Lisbon Helpline Number21 35 84451
Air Astana London Customer Service44 (0) 207 644 6121
Air Astana Madrid Customer Care34 91 112 38 77
Air Astana Manila Toll-Free Number632 840-2791
Air Astana Melbourne 1800 Number613-9251-5049
Air Astana Auckland Customer Support Number64 9 969 7606
Air Astana Novosibirsk Number7 (727) 244 44 77
Air Astana Athens Phone Number0030 216 3000 058
Air Astana Paris Contact Number33 (0)1 53 89 77 76
Air Astana Pavlodar Helpline Number7 (7182) 70 47 47
Air Astana Perth Customer Service618-9442-6060
Air Astana Prague Customer Care420 222 212 613
Air Astana Seoul Toll-Free Number82-2-3788-9170
Air Astana Shymkent 1800 Number7 (727) 244 44 77
Air Astana Singapore Customer Support Number65 62238377
Air Astana Sydney Number612 8248 0060
Air Astana Taipei Phone Number886 2 26580255
Air Astana Tashkent Contact Number998 (71) 140 30 02
Air Astana Tbilisi Helpline Number995 322 514 999
Air Astana Tehran Customer Service98 21 429 67800
Air Astana Tokyo Customer Care81-50-3388-2935
Air Astana Uralsk Toll-Free Number7 (727) 244 44 77
Air Astana Urumqi 1800 Number86 991 2822987
Air Astana Vienna Customer Support Number43 1 581 89 22 31
Air Astana Warszawa Number48 621 56 85

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