American Airlines Phone Number

The Phone Number of American Airlines is +1-484-291-3513

American Airlines and American Eagle, its regional partner, have been serving about 250 cities. They are well-known to operate about 3400 flights on a daily basis. Their fleet consists of over 900 aircraft. Apart from their domestic service, they work in several locations in Asia, the Caribbean, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Mexico. AAdvantage, the American frequent flyer program, is considered to be the oldest and largest in the world.

Since they want to provide secure air transportation to the passengers, they have provided you with the American airlines phone number 800-433-7300 in the United States and 800-633-3711 for assistance in Spanish. If you need to talk to a staff of American Airlines customer service, you have to dial 800-433-7300 to contact them. You can get in touch with the customer care unit by dialing 800-882-8880 and inform them about the issues you are facing.

The safety, and comfort of their customers are of utmost importance to them, so they have a proper customer service plan to cater to the requirements of the passengers. You can dial American airlines customer service number if you require any assistance related to the delays, cancellations, and diversions of the flight, ticket refunds, baggage delivery, settlement of the customers with special requirements, and other issues related to your travel.

American Airlines Flight Booking and Reservation

If you want to fly with American Airlines, you need to make a prior reservation with them. You can reserve the tickets through their official website. You can book a flight from 331 days to two hours before its departure, on the official website. If there are less than two hours left for the departure of the plane, you should go to the ticket counter at the airport. You can book tickets for six passengers on a single reservation. For further inquiry, you can dial the American airlines contact number.

After the completion of your booking from the online portal, you will receive a confirmation email along with your American airlines reservation number, receipt from the airport, and the credit card statement. Your ticket number shall be 13 characters long with the three digits, in the beginning, is the Airline code and the ten other numerals are the ticket number. There shall be different ticket numbers if you have add-ons or other upgrades.

The official website accepts debit cards, credit cards, and numerous other modes of payment. Only a single card can be used for the payment. However, you can use multiple gift cards if you want.

American Airlines Baggage Fee and Policy

The American Airlines undertakes the safety of the bags carried by their customers. The American airlines baggage fees in the economy class are $25 for the 1st bag and $35 for the 2nd bag if the travel is within the United States and Canada. You can carry up to 10 bags if your journey is Domestic, Transatlantic or Transpacific. However, you can carry only up to 5 bags if you are traveling through Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, South America or Brazil. There are additional seasonal and year-round restrictions for check up with the bags.

The American airlines baggage policy allows you to claim reasonable interim expenses if your checked baggage is delayed for over 24 hours. If your luggage is lost, you shall receive a compensation for the checked baggage charges. In case you are unable to locate your baggage, you should notify the baggage service agent before you leave the airport. You can also call American airlines 800 toll free number. The call center is available 24 hours for your assistance.

You can also write a delayed baggage report and mention the contact information and delivery address so that the baggage can be returned to you safely when it is found. In case you want to change the information that you provided, you should call the local number that is displayed on your delayed baggage receipt.

If your baggage is found, the airlines shall return it to your local address at their expense. Most of the time the luggage arrives on the same flight as you. However, if you want to avoid the consequences of misplaced luggage, you should have the most important documents or items which have a high value on board with you.

American Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy and Fee

In case you decide to cancel your ticket, you can do so within 24 hours of the booking to initiate a full refund. You can call at the American Airlines Cancellation Phone Number to start the cancellation. The cancellation will mostly depend on the kind of ticket which you bought from the official website. However, if you bought a paper ticket, you shall not be able to cancel or make changes to your reservation. You need to wait about 20 days for the refund.

If you want to cancel your ticket and use the money for another flight, you have one year to do so. If you cancel your tickets 3 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight, you will not receive the refund. You can easily make changes to the tickets or cancel them for free if you have booked them from the official website. However, if you have booked the tickets from a third party website, change fees or cancellation charges may be applicable according to the policies of the company. The American Airlines Flight Cancellation Fee is not charged in case the reservation is made from the official website.

Non-refundable tickets from the American Airlines Online reservation shall be refunded in case the death of a family member is the reason for the alteration in his plans. In some cases, serious diseases may also be accepted as the reason for initiating refunds on international itineraries.

American Airlines Reviews

American Airlines has been providing excellent air transportation services to its customers. It focuses on delivering high-class amenities to them at affordable prices. The staff on board is professional and friendly. The airlines also offer 24 hours customer support to facilitate their travel. The official website of American Airlines has played a significant role in simplifying the entire process of reservation and confirmation of the tickets for the passengers and making their journey hassle-free.

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