China Airlines Phone Number

The Phone Number of China Airlines is +1-484-291-3513

If you are traveling from inside China to somewhere outside of the nation, you couldn’t possibly dream of availing the services of any other carriers apart from China Airlines. Taiwan’s national airlines and also the most important, China Southern & Eastern airlines has its headquarters in the Taoyuan International Airport. Operating over 1400 flights weekly and in 102 countries across Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania, this is just the airlines that you can dream about and trust.

With a large fleet size of 88 (including cargo flights), it believes in making everyone’s journey one with a smile. It believes that its passengers shouldn’t have to worry about a thing while it manages everything for him or her. And that is why every person with the idea of ever using this flight should save the China Airlines 24 hours contact number in their cell phone. This might come handy a lot many times later on.

What’s more is that the people at China Airlines believe in making the passengers happy. They try to look after each and every one of their need. When the passenger demands, they make sure to fulfill each and every demand. That is why it is one successful airline. If they keep you happy, they won’t you go back to them again and again? So if you have any doubt ever or require the answer to any of your queries related to the airlines, a particular flight, ticket bookings, and cancellation or even as much as finding out some mistakes that might have been occurred during the time of the booking. Then all that you need to do is call on their China Airlines contact number or their telephone number or just their China Airlines Customer Service Number and talk to them about any and each of your queries.

China Airlines Flight Booking and Reservation Number +1-484-291-3513

Flight booking at China Airlines is easy. You can do it yourself if you have already created an account on the website. If you haven’t then you can create one right at that moment and then book the flight. If you are not aware of how to do that, then you can call on their China Airlines Reservations Phone Number but if you don’t then you can just log in and try out the China Airlines online ticket booking feature. It is probably the first thing you will notice when you turn on the official website.

At the same time, if you so demand, then you can also use third-party agencies who will do the work for you and book a ticket for you. It is quite easy for the professionals, you will just have to pay them and your work will be done. Remember to not give them any of your passwords, or pins or anything else for if you do that then you have a high chance of being in touch with a fraud and getting robbed.

Before booking the ticket yourself, you must be aware that when you create an account on the website, your details will be saved. You will have to provide a valid identity, and accordingly, you will be allowed to book a ticket. This is merely for precaution and to ensure that you are indeed not a bot but a human. At the same time, none of these details will be ever leaked anywhere. China Airlines flight booking is one of the safest methods to book your flight without losing any part of your identity. You can also see all the details about your ticket and how you will be able to use it later on.

China Airlines Baggage Fee and Policy

According to the latest China Airlines baggage policy, each person in Economy class is allowed to have 30 kg at max. Someone from Premium Economy class can have 35 kg, and someone from Business Class can have 40 kg of luggage with himself or herself.

According to the same policy, every person is allowed to carry one piece of baggage with him or her in the airplane that can be stored in the overhead bin if necessary. This piece of baggage must not exceed 9 inches (or 23 cm) in height, 14 inches (or 36 cm) in width, 22 inches (or 56 cm) in length and 7kg in weight. In addition to all of this, a handbag or wallet, camera or binoculars, umbrella, laptop, infant’s belongings, reading material and food for consumption are also allowed. Other than that, for the business class, one travel garment bag with a folding thickness of not more than 20 cm is also allowed as carrying on luggage. A China Airlines baggage fees will be charged if the baggage exceeds this limit. Canes, crutches, mobility aids, artificial limbs, medical equipment and supplies, child safety seats, strollers, and musical instruments are not counted toward check-in baggage and are allowed on the flight. All sharp items must be included in the checked baggage. For more information on baggage enquiry call on
China Southern airlines 24 hours contact number USA.

China Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy and Fee

Cancelling a flight on China Airlines is reasonably straightforward. You just go to the official website and cancel your booking. If you used third-party agencies for the booking, then you must contact them for the same. At the same time, you must remember that a refund for your ticket will be initiated according to them.

On the official website, though, if you cancel your ticket to and from the USA, a full refund will be provided if the request is submitted within the first 48 hours of buying the ticket and if the ticket is unused (of course!) and was booked at least a week before the departure date. If the tickets are from or to Korea, then a full refund will be initiated if the ticket is cancelled within seven days after the ticket purchase and the flight is of at least ten days later.

The refund of all refundable China Airlines cancelled tickets will be initiated as soon as the ticket is cancelled. It will take some time for the refund to get through.

However, if you still find difficulty in doing any of this, you can directly call the China Airlines ticket cancellation phone number and talk to them about this accordingly. So if you all of this information interests you, then do not hesitate to go ahead and read the other China Airlines reviews on the public forums. Everyone can discuss what went right and what went wrong and then, you can decide accordingly if you really wish to save their China Airlines telephone number in your cell phone or not.

Here is the list of China Airlines Contact Numbers

Cities Contact Numbers
International / Taipei, Taiwan (Taiwan) 412-9000
China Airlines Japan Phone Number  +81-3-6378-8855
China Airlines Hong Kong Contact Number  +852-2868-2299
China Airlines China Customer Service  +86-400-888-6998
China Airlines North America (USA) 24 Hours Number  +1-800-227-5118
China Airlines Taipei Contact Number Ticketing Fax: 886-2-2514-5549
China Airlines Kaohsiung Number Ticketing Tel: 886-7-231-5186
Ticketing Fax: 886-7-213-1669
China Airlines Chungli Helpline Ticketing Tel: 886-3-427-5656/5757
Ticketing Fax: 886-3-427-5858
China Airlines Hsinchu Phone Number Ticketing Tel: 886-3-668-7676
Ticketing Fax: 886-3-668-6908
China Airlines Taichung Contact Number Ticketing Tel: 886-4-2325-9592 ext. 2
Ticketing Fax: 886-4-2325-9613
China Airlines Tainan Customer Service Ticketing Tel: 886-6-235-8099
Ticketing Fax: 886-6-235-7299
China Airlines Beijing 24 Hours Number Tel : 86-10-65102671
Fax : 86-10-65102677
China Airlines Shanghai Phone Number Customer Hotline : 86-21-22203336, 86-21-22203337 
Travel Agent Hotline : 86-21-22203334, 86-21-22203335 
Fax : 86-21-22203367
China Airlines Guangzhou Contact Number Tel : 86-20-8527 2950
Fax : 86-20-8516 8144
China Airlines Shenzhen Customer Service Tel : 86-755-82463560
Fax : 86-755-82463877
China Airlines Xian 24 Hours Number Tel : 86-29-8958-1902/1903/1905/1906/1908
Fax : 86-29-8958-1901
China Airlines Chengdu Phone Number Tel : 86-28-86027508
Fax : 86-28-86027509
China Airlines Zhengzhou Contact Number Tel : 86-371-5562-9880
Fax : 86-371-5562-9882
China Airlines Changsha Customer Service Tel : 86-731-82240871/72/73
Fax : 86-731-82240875
China Airlines Shenyang 24 Hours Number Tel : 86-24-31287021
Fax : 86-24-31287023
China Airlines Xiamen Phone Number Tel : 86-592-2388388
Fax : 86-592-2385577
China Airlines Nanjing Contact Number Tel : 86-025-84671050/86-025-84671060/86-025-84671070
Fax : 86-025-83208802 
China Airlines Ningbo Customer Service Tel : 86-574-87754090/91/92 
Fax : 86-574-87754085
China Airlines Hangzhou 24 Hours Number Tel : 86-571-86684214 / 86-571-86684264 / 86-571-86686725 / 86-571-86686735
Fax : 86-571-86684294
QingDao/Yentai/Weihai Tel : 86-532-68877106
Fax : 86-532-68877109
China Airlines Wuhan Phone Number Tel : 86-27-85558172
Fax : 86-27-85266640
China Airlines Chongqing Contact Number Tel : 86-023-8828-0118
Fax : 86-023-8828-0120
China Airlines Haikou Customer Service Tel : 86-898-68539677
Fax : 86-898-68539077
China Airlines Nanchang 24 Hours Number Tel : 86-0791-83780580
Fax : 86-0791-83780747
China Airlines Sanya Phone Number Tel : 86-898-88289677
Fax : 86-898-88289673
China Airlines Wenzhou Contact Number Tel : 86-0577-86052181
Fax : 86-0577-86052184
China Airlines Wuxi Customer Service Tel : 86-510-82761100/85222830/85228710
Fax : 86-510-85228910
China Airlines Yancheng 24 Hours Number Tel : 86-515-8996-6950/52 
Fax : 86-515-8996-6957
China Airlines Urumqi Phone Number Tel : 86-991-2697788/2697781
Fax :86-991-2697783
China Airlines ChangChun Contact Number Tel : 86-431-89207672 ~ 75
Fax : 86-431-89207670
China Airlines Xuzhou Customer Service Tel / Fax : 86-516-83790550
China Airlines Fuzhou 24 Hours Number Tel : 86-591-87559705
Fax : 86-591-87552785
China Airlines Bangkok Phone Number Tel: 66-2-250-9898
Fax: 66-2-253-4791
Reservations: 66-2-250-9888
China Airlines Bali Contact Number Tel: 62-361-9357-298 / 9354-856
Fax: 62-361-9357-275
Reservations: 62-361-9357298
China Airlines Ho Chi Minh City  Customer Service Tel : 84-28-54141-008
Fax : 84-28-54141-024
Reservations: 84-28-54141-008
China Airlines Hanoi 24 Hours Number Tel : 84-24-39366-364
Fax : 84-24-39366-374
Reservations: 84-24-39366-364
China Airlines Hong Kong  Phone Number Tel : 852-2843-9800
Fax : 852-2845-0155
Reservations : 852-2868-2299
General enquiry : 852-2769-8391
China Airlines India  Contact Number Tel :91-124-711-5000
Fax : 91-124-711-5015
Reservations : 91-124-711-5000
China Airlines Indonesia  Customer Service Tel : 62-21-251-0788
Fax : 62-21-251-0787
Reservations: 62-21-2510789
China Airlines Malaysia 24 Hours Number Tel: 60-3-2142-2383 / 2148-6397
Fax: 60-3-2141-8208
Reservations: 60-3- 2142-7344 / 2142-7458
China Airlines Philippines  Phone Number Tel: 63-2-3546700~09
Fax: 63-2-354-6713/14
Reservations: 63-2-354-6700 to 09
China Airlines Phuket  Contact Number Tel: 66-2-250-9898
Reservations :  66-2-250-9888
China Airlines Penang  Customer Service Tel: 60-4- 2261227 / 2270229 / 2293227
Fax: 60-4-2270830
Reservations: 6-04-2289227 / 2286227
China Airlines Singapore 24 Hours Number Tel : 65-6-737-2211
Fax : 65-6-737-0053
Reservations: 65-6-7372211
China Airlines Surabaya  Phone Number Tel : 62-31-5470898
Fax : 62-31-5470867
Reservations: 62-31-5470898
China Airlines Cambodia  Contact Number Tel : 855-23-222058/855-23-223525/855-23-883696/855-23-883896
Fax : 855-23-883296
China Airlines Myanmar Customer Service Tel :95-1-8392662
Fax :95-1-8246330
Reservations: 95-1-8240399 / 8245484 / 8392663.
China Airlines Palau 24 Hours Number Tel :680-488-8888
China Airlines Sapporo Phone Number Tel : 81-123-46-3111 
Fax : 81-11-232-5697 
Reservations : 81-123-46-3111
China Airlines Tokyo Contact Number Tel : 81-3-63788855 
Fax : 81-3-63788856 
Reservations : 81-3-63788855
China Airlines Shizuoka Customer Service Tel : 81-52-202-7117 
Fax : 81-52-202-7250 
Reservations : 81-52-202-7117
China Airlines Nagoya 24 Hours Number Tel : 81-52-202-7117 
Fax : 81-52-202-7250 
Reservations : 81-52-2027117
China Airlines Toyama Phone Number Tel : 81-52-202-7117 
Fax : 81-52-202-7250 
Reservations : 81-76-461-7100
China Airlines Osaka Contact Number Tel : 81-6-6459-5780  
Fax : 81-6-6459-5799 
Reservations : 81-6-6459-5780
China Airlines Hiroshima Customer Service Tel : 81-82-542-0882 
Fax : 81-82-5420887 
Reservations : 81-82-542-0882
China Airlines Takamatsu 24 Hours Number Tel: 81-87-815-8701 
Fax: 81-87-815-8703 
Reservations : 81-87-815-8701
China Airlines Fukuoka Phone Number Tel : 81-92-471-7788 
Fax: 81-92-474-3952 
Reservations : 81-92-471-7788
China Airlines Miyazaki Contact Number Tel:   81-985-64-9811 
Fax : 81-985-64-9588 
Reservations : 81-985-64-9811
China Airlines Kagoshima Customer Service Tel : 81-995-57-9898 
Fax : 81-995-73-6886 
Reservations : 81-995-57-9898
China Airlines Kumamoto 24 Hours Number Tel: 81-96-285-1814 
Fax : 81-96-285-4852 
Reservations : 81-96-285-1814
China Airlines Okinawa Phone Number Tel : 81-98-863-1013 
Fax : 81-98-862-4324 
Reservations : 81-98-8631013
China Airlines Seoul Contact Number Tel : 82-2-317-8888 
Fax : 82-2-756-0560
China Airlines Busan Customer Service Tel : 82-51-462-8885 
Fax : 82-51-467-0202
China Airlines Atlanta 24 Hours Number Tel: 1-404-266-2826/2828 
Fax: 1-470-275-4668 
Reservations: 1-800-227-5118
China Airlines Canada Phone Number Tel: 1-604-242-1168 
Fax: 1-604-242-1166 
Reservations: 1-800-227-5118
Cargo Sales & Services, The Americas Tel: 1-310- 646-4293 
Fax: 1-310-646-3206 
China Airlines Chicago Customer Service Tel: 1-630-422-5224 
Fax: 1-630-422-5266 
Reservations: 1-800-227-5118 
China Airlines Honolulu 24 Hours Number Tel: 1-808-955-0088 (SALES OFFICE) 
Fax: 1-808-8330261 
Reservations: 1-808-955-0088 
China Airlines Los Angeles Phone Number
Tel: 1-310- 322-2888 
Fax: 1-310- 322-3888 
Reservations: 1-800-227-5118 
China Airlines New York Contact Number Tel: 1-917-368-2000 
Fax: 1-212-867-3190 
Reservations: 1-800-227-5118
China Airlines San Francisco Customer Service Tel: 1-650- 931-8000 
Fax: 1-650- 931-8019 
Reservations: 1-800-227-5118 
China Airlines Seattle 24 Hours Number Tel: 1-206-244-6096 
Fax: 1-206-988-4190 
Reservations: 1-800-227-5118
China Airlines Guam Phone Number Tel : 1-671-649-0861 / 0862 
Fax : 1-671-649-0867 
Reservations: 1-671-6490861 
China Airlines Netherlands Contact Number Tel: 31-20-646 1001 
Fax: 31-20-646 4039 
Reservations: 31-20-646-1001 
China Airlines Germany Customer Service Tel: 49-69-2970580 
Fax: 49-69-294193 
Reservations: 49-69-2970580 
China Airlines Austria 24 Hours Number Tel: 43-1-8130156 
Fax: 43-1-8130156-78 
Reservations: 43-1-8130156 
China Airlines Italy Phone Number Tel: 39-06-4745045/4745050 
Fax: 39-06-4744510 
Reservations: 39-06-4985606 
China Airlines UK Contact Number Tel: 44-208-587-3688 
Fax: 44-208-848-8396 
Reservations: 44-20-7644-6110 
China Airlines Belgium Customer Service Tel: 32-2-7438230 
Reservations: 32-2-7438230 
Cargo Sales & Services, Europe Tel: 352-348-3639504 
Fax: 352-348-3639528
Tel: 33-1-86467977  
China Airlines Sydney 24 Hours Number Tel: 61-2-8339-9188 
Fax: 61-2-9693-2096 
Reservations: 61-2-8339-9188 
China Airlines Brisbane Phone Number Tel: 61-7-3860-5611 
Fax : 61-7-3860-5666 
Reservations: 61-1300-668-052 
China Airlines Melbourne Contact Number Tel: 61-3-9907 0910 
Fax : 61-3-9335 2055 
Reservations: 1300-668-052
China Airlines New Zealand Customer Service Tel : 64-9-256 8088 
Fax : 64-9-256 8093 
New Zealand Service Agent Tel: 64- 9-977 2288 
Fax : 64-9-977 2212 
Reservations: 64- 9-977 2288
(Cosra Rica, Panama, Peru, Caribbean, Argentina, Brazil and other Latin America countries)
Tel: 506-2234-1515 
Fax: 506-2234-8442 
APG CYPRUS(Cyprus) Tel: +357 22 716 430 
Fax: +357 22 757 711 
E-mail : 
Sales International S.A de C.V 
Tel: 52-55-5705-1717 
Fax: 52-55-5705-1222 
Tel: 44-20-76446100 
Reservations: 44-20-76446110 
Tel: 39-064985606 
Fax: 39-064985201
Aviareps AS 
Tel: 47-22-06-4400 
Tel: 7-495-937 59 50 
Fax: 7-495-937 59 51 
Silon Aviacion
Tel: 34-9-13230453 
Fax: 34-9-13158894 
AVIAREPS Airline Management AB
Tel: 46-8-54525942 
Fax: 46-8-241888 
AVIAREPS AG(Turkey) Tel: +90 (212) 297 4851 
Fax: +90 (212) 297 4854 

Tel: 33-1-86467977 
AVIAREPS Ireland Ltd
Tel: +353 1 663 3931 
Fax: +353 1 678 9941 
Kales Airline Services
Tel: 41-44-315 5840 
Fax: 41-44-315 5838 
Globair Polska SP. Z O.O
Tel: 48-22-696-8523 
Fax: 48-22-696-8524 
Al Zouman Aviation
(Saudi Arabia)
Tel: 966-2-6531222 
Fax: 966-2-6532313 
Al Zouman Aviation
(Saudi Arabia)
Tel: 966-1-4771077 
Fax: 966-1-4770754
Chue Wing & Co. Ltd.
Tel: 230-2-08 0396/08 5559 
Fax: 230-2-11-0984/ 208 
Sein Chit Travel & Tour Services Ltd.
Tel: 95-1-240399/245484 
Fax: 95-1-246330 
Skyway, Cestovna Agentura
Tel: 421-2-5292-1994/5/7 
Fax: 421-2-5292-1998 
Czech Republic: T.M.I. Tel: 420-224-815-374 
Fax: 420-224-815-379 
Aviation GSA Company
Tel: 36-1-354-1849 and 302 2484     
Fax: 36-1-354-1848 
APG Hellas(Greece) Tel: +30 210 3274 567 
Fax: +30 210 3224 228 
Pership Air Limited
(Sri Lanka)
Tel: 94-112-598184/85/86 
Fax: 94-112-598187
Supper Air Services (PVT) LTD.
Tel: 88-02-9334135 / 9332496 
Fax: 88-02-8316257 
Sky Bangla Aviation Limited
Tel: 880-2-963-2776 / 880-2-963-2770 
Fax: 880-2-963-2748 
Flight Center Travel Mart (FCMT) Co., Ltd.
Tel: 856-21 213 995-9 
Fax: 856-21-214-135 
Tel / Fax: 381-11-4146542/43, 381-11-2631-091 
TAL Aviation
Tel: 385-98238777

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  1. We would like to proceed with booking 40 tickets for the following sectors

    1 3U8882 Beijing Capital – Chengdu 11:20/14:20
    2 3U8695U 03SEP 2 CTULXA SS1 1145 1415

    Kindly advise best group fares, payment schedule, cancellation policies and change of names fees for the above

    As well for the following, to be reconfirmed

    3 3U8719S 06SEP 5 LXAKTM SS1 1055 1030

  2. I booked my e-ticket, took the flight and arrived China, Jinan.

    I am in China, Jinan now. But my luggages are still in LAX.

    Here are Tciket/bags info.
    FlyChina Booking Number: WCTHJ8
    Airline Confirmation Number(s): Alaska Air CLRFOD, Sichuan Airlines/China Eastern PVFF7C
    ETKT: 3U 781 7272768430 Diao/Mei

    Name: Mei Diao
    Flight 1: SFO -LAX, AS 1040, Feb 2, 21:47
    Flight 2: LAX-TNA 3U 8700, Feb 3 00:20

    Two Bags confirmation # (in LAX now)
    AS 13-70-42
    AS 13-70-48

    This is what happed:
    I took the flight SFO -LAX, AS 1040, Feb 2 with my two bags

    I didnt have time to pick up my bags at LAX airport
    but I took LAX-TNA 3U 8700, Feb 3.

    So my two bags are still in LAX.

    Alaska Airline needs a claim from Sichuan Airlines
    to forward my bags to Sichuan Airlines.

    We have tried many ways but could not get a claim
    from Sichuan Airlines.

    Could you help me?
    I am in China, cannot contact you easily.
    I am asking my husband to contact you on behave of me
    He is in California

    He is on this email list
    His contact:
    Gaohong Wei

    Thank you very much

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