Etihad Airways Phone Number

The Phone Number of Etihad Airways is +1-484-291-3513

Etihad Airways Phone Number

We are living in such a technologically advanced world where everything is within reach of humankind. In this type of society, people expect their travel to various places securely and smartly to enjoy their vacation. They aim to earn more to travel more. In such scenarios, Etihad Airlines makes your work more manageable as it is one of the best airlines which doesn’t compromise on the quality of service to passengers.

At any moment, a passenger can fly across the globe with the help of Etihad Airlines as they run more than 1,000 flights per week. They also have their airline alliance known as Etihad Airways Partners which is beneficial to passengers.

To make the travel more comfortable, you can dial Etihad Airlines Contact Number +1 (0) 877 690 0767 where you can get the best services possible. This airlines also provides facility to contact over the telephone. Etihad Phone Number +971 (0)2 511 2170 is available to take calls between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM according to the local time of UAE.

There is also a toll-free number which will be helpful for the guests: 1800 123 3901. There is a separate number named as Etihad Reservations Contact Number +971 2599000 to inquire about reservation of seats. One important information is that contact numbers change from place to place. To get respective site contact numbers, please go to the website:

Etihad Airways Flight booking Number +1-484-291-3513

One can book his flight tickets either online or offline. Most of the passengers prefer an online mode of booking the tickets as it is time-saving and they give great deals and discount on flight prices. Various applications play a crucial role in booking the tickets, and the packages vary from one to another. Use correct and trustworthy websites or apps to book the tickets. In case of offline mode, one can directly contact the office to book the tickets. He can also contact an agent to book the tickets.

Any changes about details of the passenger are updated before two days of departure of flights to avoid any further problems. For updating any changes in booking one can go to this link where Etihad Airways customer service team helps instantly to solve any issue. One can get the updates of the status of their tickets through SMS or emails. One can check in through online to save time.

For further information, one can look at the website

Etihad Airways Deals & Discounts

Etihad Airways Baggage Fee and Policy :

As we all know that Baggage Allowance Policy will vary from one destination to another. For all destinations, the general policy will be the same, and it shall differ from different seat sections. Economy Deal preferred passenger can carry 23 Kg of baggage. Economy Saver and Classic preferred passenger can carry 30Kg. For Economy Flex the value is 35kg. For Business Class the value is 40kg. For First Class the value is 50kg. There is an important note which has to be followed by every passenger is that the weight of each item should not exceed 32Kg. 

In case of excess baggage, there are rates which vary from USD40 to USD60 for all the regions covered by Etihad Airways. In case of delay or loss of the luggage, there is no need to worry as Etihad Airways has a separate team to look into these cases. The number is +971 (0)2 511 2170 which is available on UAE local time. There is the option of communicating through email which is There will be no cost levied for lost baggage.

Etihad Airways Flight Cancellation policy and Fee:

There will be some cases where a passenger might end up with the cancellation of tickets for various reasons, and they expect a refund for those purchased tickets. In such scenarios, Etihad Airways will help the passenger in the best possible way where the passenger will get a refund. The refund by the global centers and local offices which depends on fair rules and Guest Service Fee will be applicable. If a passenger misses the flight, they should inform the authorities in advance for cancellation of the ticket.

In such scenarios, a no-show fee and change fee will be applicable. There is a policy that ticket canceled within 96 hours before the departure then you need to pay another 10% along with cancellation fee. As we all depend heavily on technology, we can even cancel the tickets online where a refund of tickets can be initiated through managing my booking. In case of online cancellation go through the points mentioned below to ensure that your ticket can be canceled within the stipulated time:

  • Tickets should not have been used and are refundable.
  • They should have been issued five days earlier.
  • When you want to cancel the ticket, you should ensure that it is not less than 2 hours before departure.
  • Ensure that ticket payment is only with a single credit card.
  • The tickets should not have been exchanged.

The refund is processed within 14-30 business days to the account. In case the card is lost contact the support team for better help. In the case of death of a passenger or any other member in the family then the charges will be given back. In such scenarios, a document should be submitted as proof. One important information is that cancellation fees will vary from one flight to another.

Etihad Airways Reviews

Reviews play an important role in improving the service or any other sector in business to make it a better airline to the best airlines. Passengers can rate their journey experience either by online or SMS. Few factors like Food and Service, Inflight entertainment, seat comfort, value for money into consideration. The passenger will rate individually. Reviews can also be updated from an application where they booked their flights. Etihad airways reviews are improving day by day due to the service they give to the guests. In case of reviews through SMS we need to type our PNR and rate the overall experience of the journey.

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  1. Etihad Airways is one of the best airlines service provider in the world. I traveled with my wife to Dubai with Etihad airways, the journey was pleasant, and awesome customer service experience in flight. I will recommend this airlines to my family and friends. Great Job Etihad Team

  2. We have flight reservations from LAX to CTU on August 7, 2019.
    We’ve been advised that we can check in two pieces of luggage per person.
    However one of the pieces of luggage is going to be a golf bag and clubs, can you please let me know if there is going to be an additional charge, since it will be an oversized bag.
    thank you for your prompt response to my question.

  3. I want to fly with my guitar from Herakleon to Athens I saw your webside but Its not clear about the dimensions of a guitar but from a bag my guitar has a length of 115cm is this ok thanks Lutz Wilczek

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