Hainan Airlines Phone Number

The Phone Number of Hainan Airlines is +1-484-291-3513

Hainan Airlines Phone Number

When it comes to travelling places be it around the country or abroad most of people prefer travelling by airlines. Travelling through airlines might be a costly option, but the amount of luxury and quality service provided to the passengers inside the plane is worth the money. 

Due to such hiked demands from people for travelling via air numerous new airline services are coming up and competing for side by side with the existing old authentic airline services which gained a lot of preference from trustable clients over the time.

Among the oldest and most reputed names of airlines services in China, one is Hainan Airlines placed in Haikou of Hainan in the Republic of China. To know more about the concerned facilities, you can always contact Hainan Airlines phone number to avail more information.

Being the largest civilian-run air service transport company Hainan airlines is one of the highly preferred airline company of Chinese people and other natives residing there as well. Undoubtedly their services are worth the money people are spending to travel with them.

The fastest growing country of Asia, China, with many other services under its command, the airline services, Hainan Airlines, is one of its most efficient services. With a flight over a whopping 110 destinations across the world, Hainan Airlines tops the chart. Founded in 1993, the airline service has today grown up to a fleet of about 241 flights. It also offers other luxurious services like the VIP lounges like the Beijing T1 lounge, Beijing T2 lounge and such. It also comes with a limo service in almost all of its destinations.

Hainan Airlines Customer Service
Hainan Airlines Customer Service

This airline service has topped the charts for five consecutive years in all aspects, like airline safety, in-flight entertainment and everything else. It is a recommended airline service in the world and is in the top 10 airline services.

It offers special services for passengers with disabilities. Hainan Airlines phone number for them is 1-888-6588-8813-3. This is a toll-free number for US customers, available 24 hours. Other people who are speech impaired or have a hearing impairment can call emergency number 711 and ask them to call the toll free number of the airline. 

+86-898-95339 is the service hotline number. Customers can contact on this number, which works during the non-office hours. To contact the Fortune Wings Club, the member service hotline number is +86-898-950717.

For reservation and other enquiries, customers can contact the Cargo office at (+86-10-5617 0030)

Hainan Airlines Flight bookings and reservations Number

Hainan Airlines Reservation

For a flight booking, one can visit the website and search the flights. It has a very friendly and easy user interface. To book the flight, one must first fill in all the details, like is it going to be a round trip or a one-way trip, and then the destination, the departure, and the arrival date and then they find you the flights available. Otherwise, the flights can also be booked on other websites if not directly on the Hainan Airline website. You just need to select the Hainan Airline service number, and it will find the flights.

One can also call the airline hotline numbers for bookings and other enquiries. Most of its services are offered online, which comes handy in hard and fast routines. On the website, one can check the flight status, the delays and departures are shown in a detailed manner. One can manage their booking online too. And if you are booking flights from their website, there are many special offers you can choose from. They also offer a hotel booking facility. Looking for a place to live in?, with Hainan Airlines book your hotel too with the flight tickets.

Hainan Airlines Baggage Allowance fee and policy.

Hainan Airlines Baggage Allowance
Hainan Airlines Baggage Allowance

The baggage policies differ according to the flight. In Hainan airlines baggage policies for domestic flights, the carry-on baggage cannot exceed 5 kg. The passengers with First and Business class are allowed two bags each while the ones with Economy class are allowed just one bag.

Items such as coats, rucksacks, handbags, reading material are allowed for all the passengers on the flight. For infants, baby food products, a collapsible baby buggy is allowed on board. Strict with its baggage policies, the airline service has several terms and conditions regarding the baggage. Any dangerous, inflammable materials, batteries are not allowed on the flight. For domestic flights, the baggage weight restriction is of about 50 kg. For international flights, the checked baggage weight cannot exceed 32 kg. Baggage weight exceeding the limits will be charged.

Hainan Airlines Flight cancellation policy and fees:

The company policies for ticket refund are:

Hainan Airlines Flight Cancellation
Hainan Airlines Flight Cancellation

The refund will not be made after the expiry date of the validity of the ticket. The customer must apply for the refund within the validity period only. The refund policy also states that the refunds will be made in the currency in which the ticket was purchased or the currency of the place where the ticket was purchased.

To demand the refund, the passenger must have the carrier coupon and the passenger coupon with him/her. The refund will only be given to the person whose name it is on the ticket. If someone else has paid for a customer’s ticket and he/she is present to demand the refund, they must present the valid identification documents and collect the refund. The company also holds the rights to refuse refunds. If according to the Hainan Airlines’ Regulations, a ticket is not capable of the refund, the company with all its rights can refuse the refund.

Hainan Airline reviews

Hainan Airlines Reviews
Hainan Airlines Reviews

With a four and five star rating in all its departments such as the food and beverage, staff service, comfort, value for money this airline service gets 8/10 points. Keeping in mind the perspective of a green environment, Hainan Airlines uses bio-fuel in most of its flights. With a five-star rating and great acclamation from all the passengers all over the world, Hainan Airlines is in third place for Airline Safety.   Taking care of almost everything, from the booking of the flight to in-air services to even hotel bookings, no wonder Hainan Airlines is the fastest growing airline service in China with its customer base all over the world.

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