Japan Airlines Phone Number

The Phone Number of Japan Airlines is +1-484-291-3513

Japan Airlines Phone Number
Japan Airlines Phone Number

Who would have thought that aircraft would become the most important means of passengers transport after the Wright brothers made their historic flight in 1903 Air transport is fast and efficient offering high quality services. It reaches areas inaccessible through other transport means.

Japan Airlines was founded on 1 august 1951 and the operations commenced on 25 October 1951. Japan Airlines is headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan and its main hub is at Haneda named Tokyo international airport and Narita international Airport. Japan airlines online ticket booking is the best possible way to confirm your domestic as well as international flights.

Secondary hubs are present at Osaka named Osaka international airport and Kansai international airport. Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (JAL) is a group of companies offering airline, cargo and mail services. Airline services through JAPAN AIR LINES include operations scheduled and unscheduled international and domestic passenger flights and cargo services across 35 countries to 220 destinations. J-Air, JAL express, Japan Air Commuter, Japan Transocean Air and Ryukyu Air Commuter are for domestic feeder services.

The first international flight started on February 2 from Tokyo to San Francisco. On March 7n1980 Japan airlines McDonnell Douglas DC-10 was the first air craft that landed in china Beijing owing to their complicated relationship. In 2017 it was awarded best economy class seat ahead of emirates airlines and had the fifth busiest airport Tokyo haneda on earth.

Apart from its operations under JAL name, owns five domestic airlines which supplement mainline JAL flights.

1. J-AIR (JLJ): Regional Jet Services via Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka

2. JAL EXPRESS (JEX): Jet Services of Low Cost between Minor Cities

3. JAPAN AIR COMMUTER (JAC): Western Japan Mostly Amami Island Services

4. JAPAN TRANSOCEAN AIR (JTA): Jet Services in Okinawa Prefecture and Amami Islands

5. RYUKYU AIR COMMUTER (RAC): Turbo Services in Amami Islands and Okinawa Prefecture

Japan Airlines Contact Number +1-484-291-3513

Japan Airlines phone number +1-877-926-0222 helps you to get connected to an expert at ticket booking and helps you get great deals and discounts. Information regarding the date of travelling and time (any specific time) provided can find you some best deals. Dial Japan airlines executive phone number for extra benefits and discounts and also booking business class tickets. Booking tickets at last minute will be hassle free as we provide discounted flights even at the last minute.

The attendants at the helpline would certainly serve detailed information on flight charges, time and provide great deals. The Japan airlines phone number is available around the clock. Cabin crew and staff are available over the call. When you face difficulty regarding reservation, ticket, booking, cancellation, and refund you can connect to our Japan airlines customer service who are available to assist and help through all services.

Flight Booking and Reservations

Japan airlines Online ticket booking is available and also the best medium for booking tickets. Travel date and time are required and then the available flights with different fare for the different class are provided along with Japan airlines flight booking number for booking. The departure airport or arrival airport for the booked flights is also displayed.

A ticket purchase deadline and the fare will also be displayed after booking with a reservation number. Rebooking can be done if the purchase deadline is not expired. Maximum of 9 persons can be booked in a single booking. Booking can be done through a third party or agents. Online booking is easier when you are technology friendly.

JAL services include JAL first class, JAL Business Class, JAL Premium Economy, JAL Economy Class

Conditions for Seat Selection

Seat selection is not available wherein Limited availability of seats when seats are already assigned. Arriving after the close in check time may also lead to unavailability of the pre-selected seat. Emergency exit seats are limited to few passengers who full fill the criteria

  • Age above 15 years
  • Assistance is not required(an escort/staff)
  • Capable of assisting in opening or closing of an aircraft door
  • Understands evacuation procedures and instructions
  • Assist other passengers in emergency evacuation
  • Consent in providing emergency evacuation assistance

Japan Airlines Baggage Fee and Policy

Each passenger is allowed to carry on one bag and one personal item like a purse or briefcase. Maximum weight of carriage is 22 lb/10kg. Checked baggage allowance for first class/ business class is 70lbs (32 kg) of 3 bags each and economy /premium economy class is 2 bags up to 50 lbs (23kg) each. Additional bags included are charged 20,000 yen (200 USD) per additional piece on different routes.

Overweight bag between 23 and 32 kg will be charged around 10,000 yen (100 USD) and between 32 and 45 kg 60,000 yen (200 USD) and an oversized bag can be charged around 20,000 yen (200USD)

Japan Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy and Fee

Flight ticket can be cancelled prior to the boarding of flight. Most of the times refund is available. A refund may not be available due to functional restraint. A refund may not be available outside the country. Application for the refund should be made at the official website. A refund may be obtained within 1 year 30 days from the date of issue of the ticket and 1 year and 30 days from the date of travel commencement.

Refund amount is calculated by subtracting the cancellation charge between paid fare and fare along with taxes/fees before the commencement of travel

After commencement of travel the difference of paid fare and fare along with taxes/fees is refunded. Sometimes method of payment, zero refund fare calculation allow for no refund. Refund will be made within weeks after application to the designated bank to passengers account. Before flight departure 50% of the fare is refunded. After flight departure 50-90% of the fare charge is refunded depending on the type of flight. Refund charge of 430 yen per flight/ flight sector can be applied.  So if you are planning to travel through air and need quality service and luxury in your journey, you can go through Japan airline review online. You can try any open search engine to check out the customer reviews regarding the airways and the quality of services they provide. Japan airlines review will definitely give a clear picture regarding their service.

Contact Numbers of Japan Airlines Around the World

DepartmentContact Numbers
General Information0570-025-121
24-hour Flight Information0120-747-222
Guest Reservation0120-747-707
Smile Support0120-25-0001
Family Club0570-025-818
Gift Card0120-52-1600
Feedback Center0120-25-8600
Japan Airlines USA & Canada Phone Number1-800-525-3663
Japan Airline Argentina Phone Number54-11-5984-3944
Japan Airline Brazil Phone Number55(011)3175-2250
Japan Airlines Mexico Phone Number01-800-681-9230
Japan Airline Guam Phone Number1-671-642-6431
Japan Airline Australia Phone Number1800-531-870
Japan Airlines New Zealand Phone Number0800-441-090
Japan Airline Singapore Phone Number800-852-6432
Japan Airlines Indonesia Phone Number62 (021)572-3233
Japan Airline Philippines Phone Number63 (02)403-2763
Japan Airline India Phone Number1800-102-4135
Japan Airlines Sri Lanka Phone Number852-39191688
Japan Airline Pakistan Phone Number92 (21)5653973
Japan Airline Malaysia Phone Number1800-81-8674
Japan Airlines Vietnam Phone Number1-800-577725
Japan Airline Thailand Phone Number1800-012-197
Japan Airlines Bangladesh Phone Number66 2-131-3300
Japan Airlines Cambodia Phone Number66 2-131-3300
Japan Airlines Laos Phone Number66 2-131-3300
Japan Airlines Myanmar Phone Number66 2-131-3300
Japan Airline London Phone Number44-20-7660-0349
Japan Airline Austria Phone Number01-5029-18-888
Japan Airlines Belgium Phone Number(02)745-4400
Japan Airline Denmark Phone Number7012-4700
Japan Airline Finland Phone Number020-374700
Japan Airline France Phone Number0810-747-700
Japan Airline Germany Phone Number069-86798700
Japan Airline Ireland Phone Number353 (01)408-3757
Japan Airline Italy Phone Number8-488-74700
Japan Airline Norway Phone Number810-62050
Japan Airlinse Portugal Phone Number808-202-700
Japan Airline Russia Phone Number7 (495)234-5930
Japan Airlines Spain Phone Number901-174-770
Japan Airline Sweden Phone Number08-402-8600
Japan Airline Switzerland Phone Number0844-888-700
Japan Airlines Netherlands Phone Number0205-829-488
Japan Airline UK Phone Number0344-8-569-778
Japan Airline Egypt Phone Number20 (02)2737-1153
Japan Airline U.A.E Phone Number04-2940099

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