Norwegian Air Shuttle Phone Number

Phone Number of Norwegian Air is +1-484-291-3513

Norwegian Air Shuttle Phone Number USA
Norwegian Air Shuttle Phone Number USA

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA is Norway’s largest airline while also the largest airline in Scandinavian. It is a Norwegian low-cost airline and is the third largest low-cost carrier in Europe behind easyJet and Ryanair. Norwegian Air Shuttle was founded in 1993, and since then it has been renowned for offering high-frequency flight schedules with Scandinavian and Finland and to business destinations like London. It serves over 152 destinations, and the headquarters is situated in Fornebu, Norway. Norwegian long hauls, Norwegian Air UK, Norwegian Air Argentina, Norwegian Air International, and Norwegian Air Sweden, are operated by wholly owned subsidiaries.

The people flying with Norwegian Airlines would not only find cheap flight tickets but will also enjoy friendly and reliable customer service. The Norwegian Air Shuttle customer service number helps the customers reach the airlines and inquire about any matters. The Norwegian Air Shuttle contact number can be found online on their website. Their customer service number +1-484-291-3513 is available 24/7 for anybody with queries regarding Norwegian Airlines. 

Norwegian Air Shuttle phone number offers information about the following:

  • Current Flight status
  • Availability of flights
  • Discount coupons that you can apply
  • Baggage allowance
  • Promo codes that you could attain and apply while reserving a ticket with the Norwegian Airlines
  • Flight booking and reservation
  • Changing booking details
  • Special assistance
  • Car rentals
  • Charter flights
  • Flight ticket cancellations and refund
  • Norwegian rewards

The Norwegian Air Shuttle Telephone numberbeing a 24/7 helpline number helps the customers to contact the airlines whenever in need. Norwegian Airlines have also introduced the ‘live chat’ option for people who would like to get help with their travel needs through online assistance. They can get their queries answered immediately from individual experts at the helpdesk. The customers are also allowed to give their genuine feedback on their response and services. This lets the airlines improve in the areas which they lack.

Norwegian Flight Booking and Reservations

Norwegian Air Fare List
Norwegian Air Fare List

Norwegian Air Shuttle offers great deals on air tickets and gives the travelers a comfortable, cheap and convenient journey. The associates working behind the toll-free number of Norwegian Air Shuttle are keen to help the customers with booking and reserving their air-flight tickets. Norwegian Air Shuttle flight booking number can be used by any of the customers to fly with the airlines. You can make a call at their phone number and purchase the tickets for your voyage. Otherwise, they can book a flight through the Norwegian Air Shuttle online ticket booking.

The Norwegian Air Shuttle reservations phone number has made it easy for anyone to make a flight reservation. Just dial the number and make the reservation. While booking the flight tickets, the customers can also avail the special assistance services offered by Norwegian Airlines. They can make advanced arrangements for meals during the flight.

Baggage Fee and Policy

Norwegian Air Customer Service
Norwegian Air Customer Service

If you are planning to fly with the Norwegian Airlines, then here is everything you need to know about the Norwegian Air Shuttle baggage policy.

Norwegian Air Shuttle baggage fees are determined on the basis of the ticket type of the passengers. Norwegian Airlines offers three different type of tickets- low fare, low fare+ and flex. One carry-on baggage is permitted free of charge. Along with it, the passengers can carry a small personal item like a handbag or a laptop case. The carry-on baggage must fit into the cabin above or under the seat in front of you. The combined weight of the carry-on baggage is 10 kg for low fare type tickets and 15 kg for the Flex and premium flex.

The size and weight restrictions for the checked baggage at Norwegian Airlines are the following:

  • Each bag must not exceed 32kg and should not be lighter than 2 kg.
  • The total weight of checked baggage must not exceed more than 64 kg.
  • The baggage must be within the maximum circumference of 300 cm.

The ticket type determines whether the checked baggage is free or not. The checked baggage is not included for low fare customers. For already booked passengers, checked baggage can also be altered up until 6 hours before departure of the flight. Adding checked baggage is easy and can be done quickly while travelling with Norwegian Airlines. The Norwegian Air Shuttle baggage fees apply per person and per flight.

Excess baggage charges apply to items over the two checked baggage items limit. Excess fees also apply to items that exceed the weight limit of 20 kg.

Flight Cancellation Policy and Fee

Norwegian Air Flight Cancellation Policy
Norwegian Air Flight Cancellation Policy

As mentioned earlier, the Norwegian Airlines offers tickets of sorts like low fare, low fare+, premium, flex and Premium flex. For the first 3 categories of flight tickets, passengers can cancel their booking through online mode after four hours of booking. If the passengers are holding flex and premium flex tickets, they can cancel it online up to 30 minutes before the flight takes off. If your trip does not go according to your plan, you do not have to worry. The latest updates regarding the Norwegian Air Shuttle flight cancellations can be accessed via a telephone call on the Norwegian Air Shuttle ticket cancellation phone number.

If you want a refund for your Norwegian Airline flight ticket, then apply for the refund online. For an unused Low Fare ticket, one can apply for a refund of government taxes and charges. While requesting for a refund, you will have to give the booking details of your flight ticket.

Passengers flying with the Norwegian Air Shuttle can change their booking through online mode or by calling the toll-free number and asking the customer service providers to change the booking.

Norwegian Air Shuttle Reviews

Skytrax, an Airlines positioning site has named Norwegian Air Shuttle as Europe’s best minimal effort aircraft. The past customers of Norwegian Airlines have given good reviews about the airlines. Airlines offer quality service and administration to the passengers. With lavish cabin space, comfortable seats, amazing refreshments, and entertainment systems, the passengers get the best flight experience at cheap flight rates.

List of Norwegian Air Shuttle Contact Numbers

24/7 Customer Service1-800-357-4159
Norwegian Air Shuttle Argentina Number+54 11507 89745
Norwegian Air Shuttle Brazil Contact Number+55 21350 00451
Norwegian Air Shuttle The Caribbean Customer Service+1 844 278 8667
Norwegian Air Shuttle Canada Helpline 1-800-357-4159
Norwegian Air Shuttle Denmark Toll-Free +45 70 80 78 80
Norwegian Air Shuttle Finland 1800 Number +358 (0)9 231 01 600
Norwegian Air Shuttle France Customer Support +33 (0) 97 07 38 001
Norwegian Air Shuttle Germany Number +49 (800) 5895000
Norwegian Air Shuttle Italy Contact Number +39 06 94 80 2756
Norwegian Air Shuttle Ireland Customer Service +353 1 697 1489
Norwegian Air Shuttle Norway Helpline +47 21 49 00 15
Norwegian Air Shuttle Spain Toll-Free +34 900 838 065
Norwegian Air Shuttle Sweden 1800 Number +46 (0)770 45 77 00
Norwegian Air Shuttle Thailand Customer Support +66 (0)6000 35 180
Norwegian Air Shuttle UK Number +44 (0)330 828 0854
Other countries +47 2149 00 15
Norwegian Holidays +47 21 00 40 20
Car Rental +47 21 51 81 71
Hotel Booking877-299-8577

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