Qantas Airways Phone Number

The Phone Number of Qantas Airways is +1-484-291-3513

Qantas or Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services is an Australian airline service. With its massive fleet, it stands today as the largest airline of Australia in terms of its fleet size, the international flights and the number of international destinations it has under its wing. Not only that, but it is also the third oldest airline in the world so one can easily say that it is one of the founding airlines in the history of airlines. Based in Sydney with its main hub at the Sydney airport, it carries an approximate of 14.9% of people in and out of Australia.

Needless to say then, it is quite accomplished in its resources and in the corporate world. Not only that but because it is one of the largest fleets, it also has some of the best services available. Today, people opt for this airline because of its amazing amenities and its tendency to solve customer queries whenever there are any. There are in-flight entertainment options, private cabins, business class services, international business class services, premium economy class services and of course, economy class services available here.

But like previously said, they are also really good at managing with their customers and answering any and all queries and resolving whatever issue there is. The fastest way to reach their customer service is through this Qantas airways USA phone number: 22-6111-1818.

Qantas Airways Flight Booking and Reservation Number

It is very easy to book a flight on Qantas Airways. You just need to sign up on the website, and you will be eligible to book a flight. If, however, you are unaware of how to do that, you can also try third party mediums and agencies that can book the flight for you and also help you avail some discounts.

For any booking query, you can try their Qantas airways customer service phone number that has already been mentioned above.

Qantas Airlines Baggage Fee and Policy

Normally, the various airlines have a fixed criterion for allowing or not allowing baggage on the flight. Qantas airways work a little differently from that. This is in the sense that for Qantas, the checked baggage allowance is based on the destination where a person is traveling and what his or her Qantas Frequent Flyer tier level is. A person can generally find out his or her checked baggage allowance at the time of booking. If however, he or she wants to find it out a later point, then that can be done by either asking your travel agent or checking it under “Manage Booking.” If the booking is in progress, then the baggage allowance will be confirmed once the flights and destinations are confirmed.

It is not necessary to have the same baggage allowance when having the same flight and destination. Like previously mentioned, these allowances also vary according to the Frequent Flyer tier level. To find out details about this, one can always contact the Qantas airways international contact number.

(There are cases when some Qantas frequent flyer and Qantas club members are entitled to a non ticketed checked baggage allowance as well. So find out if you have such a privilege or not before confirming.)

At the same time, according to the policy, the current complimentary carry on baggage pieces allowed at the moment is 1 piece each for an adult or a child. This, however, is for economy class. This piece of baggage must not exceed 45 inches or 7 kgs (15 lbs). For the premium economy class, a person is allowed to carry two pieces of baggage, but neither of them should be more than 45 inches in length and 7 kilograms in weight. Or they can keep one piece of baggage that follows these dimensions (45 inches and 7 kilograms), and the other is a non-rigid garment bag that has a total dimension not exceeding 73 inches and 7kg. These dimensions are calculated taking in considering the length, width, and depth of each piece of baggage.

For more details about the baggage policy and everything else, you can contact the Qantas airways international contact number that is usually available for a customer’s service.

Qantas Airways Flight cancellation policy and fee

Generally, it is very easy to cancel a flight booking on Qantas or even on a Frequent Flyer Classic Reward booking if it was made on the official website of Qantas Airways. It can also be easily canceled through the various Qantas offices. And all that you need for either of those options are your ticket details and the details of the person on whose name the ticket is booked. This helps you in retrieving the detail of your booking.

If you are doing it online and have already retrieved your booking, you can click on the “Cancel” button and follow the necessary steps that you are asked to follow. If, in any case, such an option is not available to you, then you can try checking with your local Qantas office. If, however, you had booked through any third party agency like a travel agent or something of the sort, then you must contact them directly.

When you cancel one ticket, all the tickets in that particular booking are canceled, along with any extra travel item or any other service that you had added. If you wish to cancel individual passenger tickets, then you must separate them from the original booking first.

Upon canceling, you either receive a refund after the necessary fees have been deducted or you are received a travel voucher to use on any new Qantas flight later on, whenever you wish to.

Check Qantas Airways Reviews to get a clearer picture

If you are not sure what to expect when flying with Qantas, then check for online reviews in open forums. In these forums people who fly often post reviews about their experiences while flying with these airlines. If you check out Qantas airways review online, then you will have a better idea about the punctuality, comfort, and cleanliness these airlines provide.

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