Qatar Airlines Phone Number

The Phone Number of Qatar Airways is +1-484-291-3513

Qatar Airlines Phone Number
Qatar Airlines Phone Number

Ranked in the top 25 best Airlines of the world, Qatar Airways, an Arabic company is dedicated to giving the passengers its best service. With a fleet size of over 213, it flies across 150 international destinations. Qatar Airways was founded in 1993, with its central hub at Hamad International Airport. Qatar Airways is now wholly owned by the government of Qatar since 2014. If you want to avail more information about this elite Airlines Company then you can call on the Qatar Airways contact number.

Qatar Airways operates across many divisions including Qatar Aviation, Doha International Airport, etc. The Qatar Airways Cargo carrier is the world’s third largest international cargo carrier. The jet subsidiary of the airline, the Qatar Executive, comes with its own specialties. It comes with a different Royal fleet for executive experience. The lounges too are high end.

The company has special provisions for baggage related issues. Under the Mishandled Baggage menu, My Baggage option allows you to check the status of your baggage. You can report your baggage online in case of any delay or if you leave the airport without reporting it. The individual can then notify the customer care about the damaged or mishandled baggage. In case of any issue feel free to refer to the Qatar Airways baggage policy.

If after the flight, you have lost your baggage of left it on board you can always contact the Qatar Airways baggage services desk. Also in case, you left your baggage in the Qatar Airways’ lounge or have lost it during the baggage check, you may contact the services desk. Though the company does not take any responsibility for the lost baggage, the company will always assist you to find it.

How to Contact Qatar Airlines?

Qatar Airways Best Airlines Services

To contact the Airways office, you can contact (079 3061 6000) which is the contact for the Doha headquarters, Qatar. Depending on the region, there are different contacts for their respective offices there. The contacts of different offices of Qatar Airways differ according to the regions they operate in. In that case, you can visit the web portal and find out the number of the office nearest to you. For example,

For the office in Qatar you may contact on (+974 4023 0023)

For their office in Oman, the contact number is (+965 2290 1710)

For Oman, you can call on (+968 2416 2710)

So on for the regional offices. Locate the office nearest to your location and contact for any query. Feel free to call on any of the Qatar Airways customer service number to resolve any immediate issue.

Qatar Airlines Baggage fee and Policies

The baggage guidelines for the airways are that a single piece of baggage cannot weigh more than 32kg. If there are any bags that exceed this limit, then it must be broken down to two different bags so as to fit the weight restrictions. One can always take more than the allowed baggage but will have to pay the charges. For the flights operated by Qatar Airways, the charges and fees for extra baggage differ regionally.

The excess baggage purchase operates on specific rules. The charges for excess baggage are per kg. The excess baggage purchases are applied to Qatar Airways only. The currency for the excess baggage charges is quoted and billed in the currency of the departure country. Each person is allowed a maximum of 100kg or five baggage pieces at a time. For more information on the baggage policy of Qatar Airways, one can always visit the website or contact customer service number.

Qatar Airlines Flight Booking and Cancellations

Qatar Airways Business Class

For flight booking & reservations, you can go to the online portal and book your flights as per your required destination. You can also contact the Qatar Airways Office nearest to you and book your flights. With the ‘Manage Booking”, you can change your flights, choose your seat number, can request for a car and some other services. One can avail a number of offers on the online portal. Just like all other Airline websites, you can choose your destination, the return, and departure dates, a number of passengers, child (if any), and the class. You can also rent a car and book a hotel for your destination. Qatar Airways online ticket booking is extremely efficient and time saving which must be opted by most of the passenger.

If the flight is being cancelled due to weather conditions or any other issues, the Airline company will let you know through the contact information you have given while booking and will also provide guidelines for the further reservation process. If you wish to cancel your flight, you can do it within 24 hours without any penalty. After 24 hours, you will be liable to pay the penalty fees. If the flight is cancelled or delayed by more than 3 hours, you can demand a refund.

To cancel the ticket, you can contact the Qatar Airways Office or do it online. The refund will be paid in the currency of the country the flight was to depart from. For online flight status, you have to click on the ‘My Trips’ option, and there you will find instructions to cancel the flight. You can also change tickets by clicking on the ‘Modify Flights.’ There you can select a new destination and can cancel the previous one. The transaction for the same will be done online.

Qatar Airlines Reviews

Qatar Airways Inside View

Qatar Airways was ranked number one according to the World Airlines Award 2015. This Airline company has also won this award twice before in 2011 and 2012, for two consecutive years. Serving in almost every continent, Qatar Airways is now connecting its hubs all over the world. The Airline has also won the award for the best business class in 2017. It was one of the first airlines to be rated 5 stars.

It has a four and five-star rating in all its departments, the food and beverage, seat comfort, in-flight entertainment, staff service, and value for money. It has also recently launched Oryx One, a smart interface for a better experience of in-flight entertainment. They also provide onboard Wi-Fi service. Stay connected even in the air! The Airline has a 7/7 safety rating. With a high-end experience and customer service, Qatar Airways is rated best among all its contemporaries. Providing best in-flight entertainment and making it better day by day, to a very friendly user interface. Qatar Airways has topped the charts in almost every department and continued to do more for its customers across the world.

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