Singapore Airlines Phone Number

Phone Number of Singapore Airlines is +1-484-291-3513

Singapore Airlines Phone Number

In the current day’s people’s inclination towards travelling via airplanes have increased to a huge extent. This has led to the emergence of numerous airline services all across the globe in recent times as well.

Also considering the amount of time required to travel via planes is nothing compared to what it takes to travel by buses or trains or any other modes of transportations. Even though the money invested in procuring a ticket of any airline is way expensive than any other transportation mode, yet people are more gravitating towards travelling via air only. This inclination has led the airline services all across the globe to lower their plane fares and hence increase the number of people willing to travel via air even more.

 In this modern era, where every second is considered important and valuable, every individual wishes to save time energy and reach places as soon as possible and this is what Singapore Airlines does. Its customer friendly saves time and energy as compared to buses and trains, and makes customers travel memorable and homely.

Services provided by this airlines is amusing , usually travelling from one end of the world to other by buses and trains  causes huge distress and problem whereas, Singapore airlines resolves this issue by providing easy and efficient access to various parts of the world. Thus, Singapore Airlines phone number must be saved by all business professionals and also by those who wish to save time and explore the unseen.

Singapore Airlines Phone Number

Singapore Airlines was founded in 1947 and since then its flying high and serving millions of its customers. The business model of the airlines is based n three factors: product leadership, service excellence, and network connectivity. Efficient investment has been made by the company on these areas so that maximum customers satisfaction is reached, both on the ground and in the air. Because of its dedication and extravagant service Singapore Airlines is honoured as Best Airline in the World.

The hard work and dedication of thousands of workers all around the world are visible through the awards received by the company. It provides a huge source of entertainment to the customers such as movies , games, music etc. It provides excellent service which is quite recommendable. One can always reach it at Singapore Airlines Customer Service Number: +65 6223 8888, (toll free) or can send an email @  It instantly solves problems.

Singapore Airlines Flight Booking And Reservations

Simple ticket reservations facilities are provided by the company. The easiest means is to visit the official site and directly book the tickets, its hustle- free and simple, but one can also refer to various  apps or websites to book the tickets, whereas if someone is not tech friendly can always opt for a third person such as various travel agency to book the desired tickets. It also provides membership option to the customers, availing these additional benefits are provided to the customers.

Few things are to be kept in mind that while booking the tickets on the official website, one must create an account, with valid data as those will be stored and used for future references.  Passwords and it must be kept confidential and for personal use only. Once done one is ready to book tickets .The page will pop up which would inquire about flight departure/ arrival, date, day.

Singapore Airlines Cheap Flight Tickets
Singapore Airlines Cheap Flight Tickets

Singapore Airlines Baggage Allowance & Policy

Baggage allowance according to the Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy is quite different from others, it’s based on the class of travel.

Suits and First Class: 50kg
Business class: 40kg
Premium Economy Class: 35kg
Economy class: flex, standard, lite: 35kg
Extra baggage allowance benefits provided to PSS and KRISFLYER alliance gold star members.

Along with this Cabin Baggage have a different policy. To avoid excess baggage on board it has limited 2 pieces of 7kg each on Suites, first class and business class and 1 piece of 7 kg on premium and economy class. Hence, if baggages exceed the limit  it will be shifted to aircraft cargo compartment and extra charges may also be applied to it( For non US routes it may vary from USD4  TO 56,for US  routes it may vary from USD 50 to 350). Also Food itinerary must be checked before carrying any restricted items.

In the case of non-standard baggage like sports items or musical equipment restrictions may be applied, for all such baggage’s issues subsidiary or Singapore Airline Cargo must be contacted fly.

Singapore Airlines provides safe travelling for women with a child or infant. It encourages to book a bassinet available on board. (The bassinet are measured at 768 mm in length, 298 mm in breadth and 158 mm in height and can support up to 14kgs of weight.)

Singapore Airlines Flight Cancellation Fees And Policy

An unforeseen situation or work may lead to a situation where the need to cancel the tickets arises hence Singapore Airlines provides simple methods and policies. At refundable fare online tickets are cancelled, if non refundable tickets are cancelled only taxes are refunded. Refunds will be initiated to the credit/ debit card used for the purchase. One must cancel the refund before the deadline stated. Detailed checking regarding the cancellation of the ticket must be done. if any query Singapore airlines customer care number must be contacted.

Call Singapore Airlines Phone Number: +1-484-291-3513

Singapore Airlines Review

Serving for a long time, this airline has come across a lot of happy and satisfied customer across the globe. The best way to know more about it is to simply log in to search engines and type Singapore Airlines Review; it will provide a wide and detailed view about customers experience with the company. As its slogan says it definitely provides a great way to fly. Flights are always required to be luxurious, safe and worth the money one spend after getting the tickets as the prices of flight tickets are the most expensive anyway and Singapore airlines are one such name which thrives on providing all the above mentioned things demanded by their passengers. Thus they are evolving as one of the highly preferred and most efficient airlines existing in Singapore.

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