Thai Airways Phone Number

Phone Number of Thai Airways is +1-484-291-3513

Thai Airways Phone Number
Thai Airways Phone Number

Time management is a huge issue in current situations which is why people are always in a hurry in current days. They want their work to be done as early and as quickly as possible because of the lack of time. And one certainly can’t waste their precious time on travelling, for hours and hours.

During such times, airlines come to our rescue. They have certainly made our life easier. We can now travel miles within a couple of hours. We don’t need to spend days and weeks simply travelling anymore. What can be more appealing if we get to travel to one of the finest airlines of all? Yes, I’m talking about THAI Airlines. If you wish to avail the services of this premium airlines, then be sure to contact Thai Airway’s Telephone Number: +1-484-291-3513.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Thai is the flag carrier airline of Thailand.  It was formed in 1998, and it operates primarily from Suvarnabhumi Airport. The airline has many corporate headquarters; they are located in Bangkok,Vibhavadi Rangsit Road , and Chatuchak District. Thai is a low- cost commercial Airline.

If we talk about hygiene, one would be delighted to know that Thai was the very airline to install True HEPA- hospital grade air-filter. It was capable of catching upto 99.99 percent of microorganisms and dust particles. Not only this, the Airline was awarded a plaque in 2004 by The World Health Organization for the implementation of its in-cabin management system.

‍‍Thai Airways Flight Booking and Reservation
‍‍Thai Airways Flight Booking and Reservation

Thai Airline has constantly upgraded its services and offerings to match some of the top airlines in their business. For them, their customer’s satisfaction is the key. At present, the Airline is providing its services in 35 countries and around 78 destinations across the globe. It has the most professional and friendly ground staff. Thai always stands ahead when it comes to solving queries of its passengers. So incase of any doubt regarding the flight, you can contact on Thai Airway’s Telephone Number: +1-484-291-3513.
Fax: 66(0) 2545 3300.
You can also e mail them on their e mail id :

‍‍Thai Airways Flight Booking and Reservation.

Just like any other Airlines, you can book your tickets online on Thai Airways by visiting the airline’s official website. Booking can also be done offline, by being in contact with the travel agents. This too makes your job done easily. But if you’re a tech person, then online booking is the most convenient way for you. You just need to visit Thai airline’s official website and fill the required details of your travel destination, make the payment and you’re all ready with your flight tickets.

With Thai Airways Online Ticket Booking, you can also reserve your seat online 48 hours before the departure of your flight. Other than online medium, seat reservation can also be done at check-in counter within 24 hours or on the day of travelling. If you find any difficulty while reserving or booking your ticket, then you can contact on Thai Airways Flight Booking Number +1-484-291-3513. There you can ask your querries regarding flight booking and your reservation, and it will get solved.

Thai Airways Baggage Allowance, Fee and Policy

Thai Airways Baggage Allowance, Fee and Policy
Thai Airways Baggage Allowance, Fee and Policy

While travelling from Thai airways, passengers will have to follow their weight concept as per Thai Airways Baggage Policy.  A weight of 50kgs is allowed for check in baggage if you have a Royal first class ticket. While if you’re travelling from a Royal Silk and Premium Economy Class ticket, a weight allowance of 40 kgs is entitled.  However, the permissible limit is 30 if you are flying from an Economy Class.

One has to take special care of items they carry while on Thai Airways. There are certain items that are prohibited for passengers in both check in and cabin baggage. These include oxygen cylinders, various ignitable materials, corrosives, ammunition, and oxidizing materials.

In cabin luggage, passengers are allowed to carry one piece as hand baggage. The dimensions for this must be 56 ×45 ×25 cms, and it should not exceed the same while the weight limit must not exceed 7 kilograms.

Items such as infant food, handbags, notebooks, walking sticks, wallets and pruses, cameras and binoculars are allowed by the Airline, but the passengers must meet all its weight standards and policies. In case if any doubts arise concerning the baggage policy of Thai Airways, then you can contact the Airline, and all your doubts will be answered instantly.

Thai Airways Flight Cancellation Policy and Fee

Thai Airways Offers
Thai Airways Offers

People don’t really like to cancel their tickets once it’s booked. But if the situation arises where you have to cancel your planned trip, then you can easily cancel your flight with Thai Airways Cancellation Policy. You can call Thai Airways Customer Service number and place a cancellation request. However, if you booked your ticket through an agent, then he will have to be requested. Before cancelling your ticket, you need to keep some things in mind. 

  • If you cancel your ticket after the departure, then it is totally non- refundable.
  • 50% of the deposit will be refunded if your ticket is cancelled 60 days prior to the group departure.
  • And a cancellation fee of $400.00 per ticket will be applied to all passengers who are no longer travelling once the tickets have been issued. So its always better to book your tickets only at the time when you think you can travel, rather than cancelling it later on

Thai Airways Customer Reviews

One doesn’t really get to know about certain things until they experience it themselves. You won’t be able to know and enjoy the services of Thai Airline until you travel and experience it on your own. But before that, you can surely check the reviews of the one’s who travelled in the Airline. Thai Airways Reviews will surely help you to get a clear picture of the flight’s in-cabin services and hospitality. It will also give you an idea about the flight’s staff members. So, if you’re planning to fly with Thai Airways, do take care of all the necessary flight related information so that there won’t be any inconvenience for you. Bon Voyage!

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