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Is there anyone who doesn’t love traveling? Of course not, Most of the people love to travel around the globe and experience some new things which last forever. For some people traveling is a hobby while for others it is a stress relief activity. After selecting your desired traveling destination, all of a sudden a small question arises on your mind, which airlines would be best to travel?

Choosing airlines is an important thing, if you don’t choose it wisely, then your journey might end up as a nightmare. If you are looking for the best airlines, then Virgin America Airlines Phone Number must be noted down.

The headquarters of Virgin America Airlines is in San Francisco. The airline was founded in 2004 and started service in 2007. The main aim of the airline is to provide service at low fare. The airline flies nearly to 27 destinations. Later on, it is merged with Alaska Airlines.

Virgin America Airlines offers a wide range of services. Starting from the journey and till the end, they provide all facilities including food and other comforts at low cost. Unfortunately, if any inconvenience occurs, you can directly contact Virgin America Airlines customer service number: +1 650-762-7005. The service team definitely clarifies all your queries without any kind of hesitation. Safety and comforts are the main targets of the airlines. The service team is friendly and supportive; you can freely clarify if you have any doubts.

Flight Booking and Reservation

Booking a flight ticket has become much easier than earlier days, It can be done through online sites. You can book a flight online, or you can straightly contact Virgin America Airlines telephone number : +1 877-359-8474.Anyway Booking a ticket online is trending, you can just visit their official website and follow further steps as guided and book a ticket. You can also book a ticket with the help of third party agencies. Comfort depends on which class of ticket you are purchasing. The airline includes a first class ticket, premium class ticket, main cabin, etc; If you want a spacious seating then go for either premium class or first class. All the classes mentioned are provided with pleasant lighting.

 Reserve your desired seat in the desired flight; it sounds cool, isn’t it? Virgin America Airlines offers/allows you to reserve a seat of your choice in any of its service flights. To reserve a seat in advance, you can contact Virgin America Airlines reservations phone number: +1 800-252-7522. Are you traveling with your friends or family? The airline also offers group reservations of 10 or even more. For group reservations, you can contact this number: +1 800-445-4435. Reserving a seat may cost you a minimum of 10$. Checking the status of a flight (current location) is also available on their webpage. For further queries, you can contact Virgin America customer service number as already mentioned.

Baggage Fee and Policy

Before packing your bags and starting your travel, you must and should have an idea about Virgin America Airline baggage policy. Virgin America Airlines allows each passenger a maximum of one bag and a personal handbag (either a purse or a briefcase). The bag should not exceed a weight of 16 lbs. and should not be bigger than 10in x 16in x 24in. If the bag weighs more than the restricted weight a minimum of 50$-100$ should be paid. Musical instruments are also allowed to carry, but you have to intimate them in advance. Some items that you carry might be dangerous, to overcome this the airline team has come up with a list of restricted items such as camping equipment for example camping stoves, cylinders, etc; household items, flammable liquids/solids, explosives are highly restricted.

Virgin America Airlines baggage fee is based on the bag type and the quantity you are carrying. In case if you lost your baggage or noticed any of the items are missing you should report it within 24 hours. Generally, it takes 24-48 hours for them to find your lost baggage. If the missing bag has not been found within 5 days, then you can contact with central baggage service office. They provide baggage tracking for the convenience of their customers. You can also take Elite MIleage plan membership with this you can carry extra baggage for free.

Flight Cancellation policy and fee

Who knows, sometimes works pop up after your bookings were made, don’t worry, Virgin America Airlines flight cancellations can be made within 24 hours. Virgin America Airlines cancellation procedure is very easy and affordable. If you want to cancel your ticket for any reason, the airlines will refund the cash which you have paid for booking ticket. An extra charge of 125$ has to be paid if your booking time has crossed more than 24 hours. You can also change your flight without any fee. To cancel or to change the flight you can visit Virgin America Airlines official website, or you can even call them.

Cancelling a flight is much easier when you directly contact them instead of online cancellation. The customer service team is available 24 hours.

Virgin America Airlines Reviews

Virgin America Airline reviews can be easily accessed by visiting their official online portal. The reviews are given by the customers who have already travelled with Virgin America Airlines. You can also contact their regular customers and make your journey easier than expected. Last but not least the ambience of Virgin America Airlines must be praised.

Some additional facilities are also provided by the airlines which includes food at low cost and a complimentary beverage. Special care is taken for the people who are suffering from disability problems etc.; their services include free Wi-Fi in flight, power outlets provided at every seat, can watch free movies and TV shows in android touch screens provided near every seat. Elite Mileage plan provides with extra facilities to shop, to rent a car and to stay in a hotel near the airline’s service airports. Hurry up!! Plan your journey with Virgin America Airlines for the best experience.

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